Humidity: Foe to all

Summer is here! It’s time to swim, tan, and grill out. It’s also time for evil in the form of humidity. I hate it! I take an hour to fix my hair and one step outside, it’s destroyed by humidity.


So here are a few tips for surviving the humidity. I’m not a hair stylist and I’ll never win an award for best hair, but these help me to control it a little better.

-It’s hot outside, so put it up! There are so many cute updo tutorials. I usually go for the sock bun or top knot when I’m a hurry (which is always). Kate from Small Things Blog has so many cute hair tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube.


-Wear a hat! This is a great time of year to wear hats. They are very inexpensive and so cute! Forever 21 has some great ones.


-Embrace the curls! One thing I’m learning is to work with the humidity and just embrace the curls. I use a few tools to make it work (although I’m still trying to master it).


This tool is amazing and makes curling hair so easy. I also use a curling wand if I want that beach wave look


No matter how I style my hair, I always use KMS Hair Stay to finish. It helps to reduce the effects of humidity.

Now it’s your turn. What products or tools do you use to fight humidity and beat the heat?


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