How The Capsule Wardrobe Has Changed Me


Lately I’ve been looking at the stuff around me and wondering why we have so much of it. I think the capsule wardrobe has changed my world view. I’ve decluttered and purged before, but I changed my mindset while creating my capsule wardrobe.

From What can I get rid of? to What do I need?…

I believe there’s a huge difference. I’ve cleaned out my closet before, but it still left me with a full closet. I’ve kept items that I never wear, but I needed to keep them “just in case”. Like the world will never make another shirt like that NEVER AGAIN!

Once I changed the project from decluttering to minimizing, it changed everything. 

I haven’t missed any of my old clothes and feel more confident about what I’m wearing now. Several people have asked if I will continue to do the capsule wardrobe. The answer is yes!  I see this as a lifestyle change, not a trend. Just like when I quit drinking diet coke. I learned that I didn’t need it anymore and my life was better without it.

So now I want to take this concept throughout my entire house. It won’t happen overnight and might be difficult. However, I’m learning more about what I really need and how many things that I’ve been holding onto “just in case”.

Stay tuned…

*also this blog is a mixture of different things. Makeup, motherhood, failed cooking, essential oils and just a good mix of things that I’m learning about everyday. The name “The Cluttered Life” represents all of the thoughts and ideas in my head that I want to write about. In case anyone was wondering why I’m talking about minimalist lifestyle and my blog is called The Cluttered Life*


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