Day 2 of 30

I’ve been on a long journey of trying to lose baby weight and I’m so close to the end! I’m 6 weeks away from my goal and have been looking for a workout program to reach that goal. I discovered Burstfit Fire, which was created by Dr. Axe. It’s a 30 day program, 20 minute workout, 5 days a week. It seemed pretty doable, so I ordered it through Amazon.

First things first (I’m a realist), it is HARD! It makes 30 Day Shred look like Sweatin’ to the Oldies. However, it’s so good! I love that the workouts are quick, intense, and target my problem areas. So far I’ve completed 2 days (and tomorrow is a rest day!!). I really enjoy it and can’t wait to share the results in 28 days!


July Favorites

July was a crazy month for me. My husband was working hard on a big project, which left me as solo mom. At the same time, I had the genius idea of eating healthier, cutting out Starbucks, and exercising more. We all survived and ended the month with a kid-free beach trip! Here are my July favorites:

What I’m using:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
I kept reading about this product and finally decided to try it. It’s so inexpensive and makes my hair so smooth. Thumbs up Aussie!


Anastasia Brow Wiz
This is another product that I’ve been dying to try for a while. It is amazing! I have very light and gappy brows that need to be filled in. This brow pencil is the only one that makes them look as natural as possible.


What I’m eating and drinking:

Think Thin Protein Bars
I’m always looking for quick protein, but I don’t want a lot of sugar. These protein bars have 0g of sugar and are so good. I always keep one in my purse for when I need some quick protein.


Trader Joe’s Lactose Free Creamer
I LOVE TJ’s and this creamer is the best! It’s available in a couple of different flavors, but vanilla is my favorite.


What I’m watching:

Drunk History
Ok so…don’t judge…but I recently found this show and I love it!


What I’m reading:

I saw a quote from this book a few weeks ago and knew it was the perfect book for me. I read it in 2 days during our beach trip. I could list lots of takeaways from this book, but I’ll limit it to my favorite. If you want to be a #GIRLBOSS, you need to read it:)

-“There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure”. I LOVE this quote! Whenever I feel like a failure, I’m going to remember this quote. It’s amazing to read Sophia’s journey from eBay store to multi-million business! And I love that she’s an introvert, a millionaire without a college degree, and orders Soy Chai at Starbucks (which is my fave!) I can’t wait to apply what I learned from this book.


My life has been changed…

There’s something that I’ve dealt with for almost 31 years….difficult hair. I’ve had it short, long, straight, and curly. I’ve tried every hair product on the market, flat irons, curling irons, hair gadgets. Nothing has worked…until now…

For months, the beauty blogger world has been buzzing about It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In. I’ve been very skeptical about products like this because everyone raves about them and they usually don’t work for me. But I figured I would try it and return it to Target when it didn’t work.

You guys…it really is a MIRACLE! It makes my hair feel silky, shiny, and so much easier to style. I am a believer now.

I highly recommend it and it has changed my life!


Humidity: Foe to all

Summer is here! It’s time to swim, tan, and grill out. It’s also time for evil in the form of humidity. I hate it! I take an hour to fix my hair and one step outside, it’s destroyed by humidity.


So here are a few tips for surviving the humidity. I’m not a hair stylist and I’ll never win an award for best hair, but these help me to control it a little better.

-It’s hot outside, so put it up! There are so many cute updo tutorials. I usually go for the sock bun or top knot when I’m a hurry (which is always). Kate from Small Things Blog has so many cute hair tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube.


-Wear a hat! This is a great time of year to wear hats. They are very inexpensive and so cute! Forever 21 has some great ones.


-Embrace the curls! One thing I’m learning is to work with the humidity and just embrace the curls. I use a few tools to make it work (although I’m still trying to master it).


This tool is amazing and makes curling hair so easy. I also use a curling wand if I want that beach wave look


No matter how I style my hair, I always use KMS Hair Stay to finish. It helps to reduce the effects of humidity.

Now it’s your turn. What products or tools do you use to fight humidity and beat the heat?

Homemade Natural Baby Wipes

I decided to make baby wipes after reading about this. So I searched Pinterest for homemade baby wipes and found two problems: 1. Most recipes include Johnson & Johnson shampoo and baby oil, which has crazy stuff in it that I can’t pronounce. 2. Natural recipes include expensive ingredients that wouldn’t really save me money on baby wipes. Finally I came across a YouTube that was natural and affordable.

What you need:

-Roll of paper towels (bounty works best)
-round plastic container
-2 cups of purified or distilled water
-1 or 2 tablespoons coconut oil
-a squirt of natural baby shampoo
-optional: lavender oil and/or tea tree oil


First cut the paper towels in half. It’s kinda a pain in the buns, but using a serrated knife helps.


Next add coconut oil to warm water, then shampoo, then oils

Next place the paper towels in the container (fuzzy part facing down) and pour in water


Then put the lid on and make sure it’s on secure and won’t leak.


Next flip it over and let it sit for 5 minutes.


Finally remove the cardboard from the middle and pull out the wipe from the middle.


And you’re done!


Make sure that you use distilled or purified water or the wipes will mold!

How to Survive Teething

Let’s be honest, teething sucks for everyone! My youngest is 7 months old and started teething this week. It’s been so tough on her (and me), but I’m trying a few natural remedies to make it a little easier. Here are the top natural remedies I recommend or have been recommended to me:

1. Amber teething necklace:

Here’s a link all about amber teething necklaces
My second son had a horrible time with teething, but when I discovered this necklace it made things so much easier

2. Teething tablets

I have used these with all of my kids and they help so much. I try to use teething tablets before Tylenol or Motrin. *there’s nothing wrong with Tylenol or Motrin. I have used it many times, but I’m trying to use natural products first. Just my thing;)*

3. Clove oil

I haven’t tried this yet, but this was suggested to me recently. I love using essential oils! Clove oil is a spicy oil so you have to dilute it a lot. I was advised to do one drop of oil with a tsp of oil (coconut or olive). Test it out before running it on baby’s gum. I haven’t had time to do this yet, but definitely will try it.

4. Nosefrida

Runny/stuffy nose usually comes with teething. I’ve tried the snot sucker thingy from the hospital and the battery powered snot sucker in the past. Then I discovered this crazy contraption. You put blue end in baby’s nostril and the red part wait for it…in your mouth. Then you suck out the snot (there’s a foam guard to protect you from the snot). It sounds super gross, but has worked the best for me. Just think of it as the neti pot for babies!

That’s all I have and I hope this helps some tired parents and hurting babies. Teething is a long and difficult process, but I promise it won’t last forever. I’ve survived two rounds so far:)

September Favorite Things

Well I decided to start blogging again!  Since I don’t just have little cavemen anymore, I decided to come up with a new blog name. The Cluttered Life came to me during a 4am feeding, so I’m going with that. To start things off, I want to share my favorite things for September. I love seeing blog post and youtube videos like this, so here we go!


First off, I LOVE makeup!  I’m always looking for inexpensive (but awesome) makeup. E.L.F. is a great inexpensive brand from Target. This makeup primer is amazing and makes applying foundation so much easier.


This Vaseline Spray and Go is awesome!  Especially for lazy people like me:)


I love these hair ties because they don’t break or stretch like regular ones. They come in lots of colors and designs.


I’m the worst at meal planning and grocery shopping. This paprika app has helped me out so much especially in the last month.  You can search recipes, add the ingredients to the grocery list, and create a meal plan.


We started watching Breaking Bad a few weeks ago and we’re hooked!  I’m so glad that we can watch episodes back to back on Netflix.

Yay for my first post!